Personal Entries!


You know what makes me happy? The little things. Sunsets, night time, music, writing, reading… just to name more than a few. Haha. Even though that’s not even half of it. There are so many things that give me those little moments of happiness and that’s what makes me grateful for life. I’m going to be a god mother on top of being an aunt to 6 beautiful little human beings. Haha.

Anyway, I️ was just sitting here listening to this song I️ just discovered. I asked Siri to play some jazz music and she did not disappoint lol I️ just thought about all the music that I️ love. I️ realized how calm it makes me. Older Jazz especially. I️ love to imagine myself in that time. If I️ ever hung out with any of you, you’d probably hear me say “that’s my jam” to almost every song that plays. Lol.

I️ love pastel colors and the shapes of things. I️ love art. I️ love what some may call graffiti. I️ love when people express themselves through art and music. It brings me joy that’s indescribable. I️ love reading. The thought of a new book makes me so happy. I️ used to love going to stores and the library, discovering a random book and bringing it home instantly. Even though they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, when it comes to actual books, I️ do. Haha. I️ love dramatic ones and some suspense and horror. No so much the romantic things unless it’s Twilight. I’m one of those. *shrugs*

I️ love rain. I️ love riding in the car going on random drives to places we just so happen to find sometimes. I️ love my little short trips that I take to Little Rock, Arkansas. I️ get to look at history each time. It reminds of the many blessing we have and sometimes reminds me that some negative things haven’t changed. Even though I️ feel like I️ can’t take on the world alone. I’m reminded to not be apart of that negativity. I️ love driving through the country and seeing how beautiful nature can be. I️ love seeing history from the old towns to the homes that have been there for years.

Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve been there. I️ love my church. It’s not like the hypocritical ones that I️ grew up in or the ones that have traumatized some people in life. This one does exactly what it needs to do and heals. Sends that message each time. I’ve grown apart from religion and certain things lately, but I️ talk to God daily. I’m unapologetic about it. He loves me and for that I’m grateful. That brings me happiness.

I️ love shows all kinds of movies and tv shows. HGTV, History, And Food network. Just to name the main ones. Haha. I️ love cooking, I️ love homes and watching them being built and designed. I️ love history the true kind… I’m in love with nature. I️ love astronomy and astrology and connecting the two. I️ love crescent moons, sunflowers and four leaf clovers. I️ believe in good. Though it may not be shown by some every day, I️ believe that it still exists. I️ love interacting with people. The rude ones have had their fun lately and have taken me out of my character a little, but I️ will go back to trying my best to ignore that negativity.

There are so many things that I️ enjoy. That’s not even half of it. These are things I️ want to go back and read when I’m feeling low. I️ feels it’s important to remind myself of what brings me happiness. Even if it’s only for a short period of time sometimes. I️ want to get back to being who I️ was and better. I️ wanna be great y’all.