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5 Months Post Big Chop: UPDATE


So it’s been 5 months since I decided to do the “big chop” and cut almost ALL of my hair off and go natural. Actually, it turned 5 months on the 17th of June. So that means that in a couple of day’s it’ll officially be half a year. Time really does fly! I was so excited when I cut my hair. Of course, I got a couple of looks from people, but who cares? Lol! It was the best thing to do for my hair. I look back at my pictures of my straight and relaxed hair and thought it seemed cute, it was damaged. It was time to let those perms and flat irons go. A lot of people told me that I would go back. I find that funny every time someone says it. Why would I do that, you know? Even though this 4c hair of mine can be a pain in the butt and leave me looking struggly sometimes… I wouldn’t change it for anything. This is my hairs natural state and I don’t want to alter that. I get tempted. Lol. Trust me I do, but nope!

Now, on to this update. I’ve kinda hit a road block… Things got a little rocky and I stopped taking care of my hair like I should. Surprisingly, it still grows. It’s almost 2 inches now. I just feel like it could be healthier. I will say that doing this has really helped with my confidence. It makes me feel raw and like I can accomplish so many things. My life is slightly changing for the better right now. So it’s been hard to keep up with it and this hair of mine but, I’ve finally awakened and realised that I need to get it together. So, it’s back to hair routines, deep conditions, and hot oil treatments. When I can…haha. Things are gonna get busy soon, but I’ll manage. I’m not really sure what I expected my hair to look like. I didn’t want to go off of other peoples hair because we’re all different. There’s a possibility that I might pick my hair out today to see how much it has grown. I’ll have to be extremely careful though. Girl, combing this fro ain’t easy! Lol. I can only imagine how it is for people that have more hair than me. Since it’ll be six months in 3 more days, I’m thinking I’ll just post a picture and quick update then. Stay tuned & thanks for reading.



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